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Here is how I imagine it:

The grass is a luscious green, its path the roughest of gold

Angels welcome me in and applaud the victory I hold

As my feet try to touch the bottomless floor, I have questions galore

Til I lean on an angel’s arm, look up, and see there’s no floor or ceiling at all

Angels are smiling at me, bidding me “hurry, come in”

I hasten with glee before I notice my body has lost all its skin

Too distracted to sing with the others, I gaze at the beauty ‘round me

My heart so filled with awe ‘cause I’m not where I thought I’d be

The closer I get to His throne, the louder the angels do sing

As I listen closer to the hymn, it’s the one I prepared for the King

I stumble on His long purple robe, my eyes affixed on this day

An angel grabbed hold of my hand and led me the rest of the way

His wings enveloped me whole and gently he did lay me down

The songs of the angels now hushed, one pushed me and turned me around

There on the throne of my Lord, sat the King of great Kings, I adore

I lowered my head, prostrated in fear, I could look at His greatness no more

He brushed the ball of my back, and softly sat me high on His lap

Then He straightened and opened the book and read to me all of the facts

When He was done He lifted me up and pointed across the Great Room

“You,” He said, “have earned a room with a view and there is more to come

But I couldn’t let the angels escort me in, instead I fell in despair before Him

“How could you let me journey so far, I was bad and sometimes lost heart.”

“You repented,” He said softly to me, “and you bowed and surrendered your will.

See, the wicked believe in themselves.  I forgive only those who prevail.”

 by Donna B. Comeaux

Copyright Pending

All rights reserved



  1. good job…I love thinking about Heaven…


  2. Donna Thompson says:

    So beautiful. Thank you, Donna.


  3. MIKE HORNSBY says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.    “Lousy” is not an appropriate word to use regarding anything about you—–not your poetry!   Smiles and hugs to you.   Jeanne



  4. lene says:

    Donna Jean….what a wonderful poet you are!!!! Thanks so much for sharing….i like to envision what heaven will be like..i think it will be so much fun!!!! Keep on doing you…be blessed. Say hi to Joe.


    • dcomeaux says:

      Wait until you see the one I’m working on that covers the 1920s thru 2013. It is inspired by the movie I saw, The Butler, last night. Keep watch for it. I should post it by Friday of this week.


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