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I’m Still With You

I’m Still With You

I’m not sure what I would have done without the woman of my dreams

God knows I’d do anything and by any means

Given her the moon, the stars, my very last dime

To sway her, coax her, convince her please “Be mine?”

Eventually, her eyes opened, she  saw no other way

Our destiny was set, love blossomed that day

I  grinned, certain she’d be forever, ‘til death do us part

Now I am gone, I’ve broken her heart.

If there is any consolation my dear, my love, my wife of 27 years

The mountains we climbed and the hurdles we feared

Were nothing, absolutely nothing to cross, for the love in your eyes

Gave me all that I needed and much more besides.

There were times when the valleys took all of our strength

Waters flooded our path inch by inch

Waves bent us back, but we determined to pay

Any price, any calling, to dance to any piper’s tune

To love, be together, at peace in one room.

Don’t dwell on my departure for the remains of the day

Rather, remember happy times and how often we played

Recall the joy you brought me all of those years

The love we have still rings in my ears.

Without fail, I love you, I love you, I love you, Darlene

From every stuttered word to each glaring gleam

I’ll tuck you in tonight, you won’t even know I’m near

But by my love that still burns, sizzles, and comforts your fears.

by Donna B. Comeaux, Freelance Writer and Author

In loving memory of Michael Jacobs who departed us December 8, 2004

Dated December 9, 2004

(Revised August 17, 2013)

Please do not reproduce.


  1. MIKE HORNSBY says:

    Very beautiful….

    Mike & Jeanne



  2. joecruzmn says:

    wow I love this


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