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Not much is said about Enoch.  That makes him what our preacher has called a “One Hit Wonder.”  He lived 365 years and what little we know about him speaks volumes.  We know with certainty Enoch wasn’t a nomad living on a far off mountainside detached from society.  He had a family, possessions, neighbors, friends and foes.  The peculiar thing about Enoch seems to be his rise above the fray to maintain a great relationship with God.  However you may describe that relationship, it’s one to be envied. Don’t you wish you had that kind of relationship with God? One of the things we may not realize is that our faith influences our actions.  Consider Noah who built an ark at a time everyone surely thought he had lost his mind.  A boat?  In the middle of dry land?  What did he have at stake?  His reputation.  His pride.  Yet, his faith compelled him to build the ark anyway.

Moses, a man who didn’t speak well, hesitated.  “…Oh Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant.” (Ex. 4:10)  What did he have at stake?  His life.  Pharaoh could have killed him.  A legitimate fear.  Yet, Moses’ faith compelled him to go forth anyway and free his people.

Mary, a devout woman, was chosen by God to become pregnant with our Savior.  What would something so public cost her?  Humiliation.  The thought of being pregnant with no husband would threaten her good standing in the community.  She ran the risk of being stoned to death.  Yet, her faith compelled her to remain faithful and believe all that God had told her.

Paul, a Pharisee, felt righteous in his persecution of his fellow Jews for going against their religious traditions.  What was at stake?  Status.  He’d be the laughing stock of the synagogue and probably put to death.   Yet, Paul surrendered his will and obeyed God, facing ridicule from both Jews and Christians at the beginning of his ministry.  And even when the Christians finally believed he had indeed been chosen by God to lead the Gentiles to the faith, he still paid the ultimate price.  Death.

Each of these devout followers had something to lose if they chose to live for God.  Whether they ran the risk of being publicly humiliated or faced death, they remained faithful to the end.

It is not a question of IF we will be tested.  But rather, how will our faith influence our walk with God during that test?  Will our hearts pant for the Holy One amid our trials?  Please, let us not be caught sleeping (Luke 22:46), but let us always be in prayer.  Walk with God, not ahead of Him.

Donna B. Comeaux

Freelance Writer, Author

Written for Park Plaza Church of Christ

Tulsa, Oklahoma

August 18, 2013

GO TO Parkplaza.org to hear the sermon on Enoch. Once on the website, click “Media,” then click “One Hit Wonders.”  There is NO signin or registration.  ENJOY!


  1. MIKE HORNSBY says:

    Hi Donna, Good to be reminded of these hero’s…& you were insightful in making it relevant today..


    Mike & Jeanne



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