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A Ray of Hope

Kneeling at Cross

Alone and think that no one cares
I crept inside my darkest lair
Midnight became my covering
For all my sorrows and despairs.

I picked at every speck of light
I thought I saw throughout the night
And tried to cover more of me
With all the night I thought I’d need.

But that speck of light would not
Depart my lair, so I stood up
And reached as far as I could
And found that you, not I, who stood.

Your hand propped up my feeble spine
Your voice began to fill my mind
You talked all day and thru the night
Until all darkness gone from sight.

You lifted up one foot of mine
The other came without much prying
I looked deep within my dark dim room
But could not find it or the gloom.

I’m not quite sure I remember what
It was that meant so very much
All I know for sure right now
I’m alive, have hope, and to you I bow.

by Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Author, Poet
Copyright Pending
All rights reserved

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    thanks…very nice…good..



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