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The Journey

What is it about this journey I’m not very fond of
This scary thing unknown that gives my heart a tug
Is it memories lost with time and years I can’t retrieve
Or is it slothful death or a body wretched with disease

Could it be the notion of sleeping through it all
And death has said “Hello” and eased us through the call
Or could it be those fantasies of living happily ever after
Ignoring all reality, never mindful there’s another chapter

What exactly is it about this journey I’m not very fond of
That makes me cry a tear for those I’ve chosen to love
What makes this task a struggle, unbearable to think of
Keeping me in a daze until time pushes me with a shove

Why can’t one day this sorrow be looked upon anew
With fresh new eyes as the morning greets the dew
Like the newness of the rose that slowly blooms in spring
Or like the summer heat that makes us wishful for the rain

Why can’t the inevitable be looked upon with grace
As if a handsome prince came and brushed a kiss upon my face
Or liken to a new mother shedding tears of joy in birth
Why can’t death mimic life, and not be a morbid curse

As March eases into spring and April brings forth her rain
And the earth exhales its life and everything is renewed again
Remember the precious moments that all add up to years
That extend beyond death, filling us with hope far beyond our fears.

by Donna B. Comeaux
Rewritten and Revised for
Verlender Comeaux Lee
August 28, 2013
All rights reserved
Copyright Pending

NOTE: Verlender Comeaux Lee was Glenn’s aunt (my husband). She died Sunday, August 25, 2013. Keep us in your prayers. This is the fourth funeral in two years.


  1. MIKE HORNSBY says:

    Hi, I agree…we need to practice “being in the moment” in every way, with our minds, emotions, souls, spirit & senses.  This places us where God is & to me, that is what you are saying.




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