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There comes a time, at least once a day, things trouble you.  God has blessed a man with the ability to put poetry in motion through his music.  Meet Harry Gregson Williams.  He is the artist behind many movie soundtracks and his work of art speaks for itself.  Below is one of many of his beautiful artworks.  It is titled “Smiling,” and the title, like the music, is perfect.  This keeps me inspired when I’m overwhelmed, calms me when I’m upset.  It brings me back to a spiritual place where God wants me to be.  What would we do without His grace?  As this beautiful work soothes me, I easily imagine I’m on the wings of an eagle soaring over God’s landscape right before the angels escort me to heaven.  Endlessly, I Listen…

“Smiling” by Harry Gregson Williams
Taken from the movie “Man on Fire” soundtrack

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Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Author, Poet


  1. MIKE HORNSBY says:

    That is a very peaceful picture…



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