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Writing Tips – Saving Money – No. 2

Keep Your Money In Your Pocket

Whether you want to increase the size of your library with reference material for your writing career, want to purchase a music CD, or want to purchase a novel, these writing tips will help you save money.

This list is short, but I will post additional saving tips as I run across them. If, however, you have saving tips you wish to share, please write them in the “comment” box below and I will include them in my next update.

  • Never buy a book new. It has been my recent experience that used books work fine. I’ve discovered that buying “used” books through Amazon.com has saved me money. I recently bought a book for $.01 and paid $3.99 for S/H, making my total price $4.00.
  • Don’t pay over $5.99 per book. If the book is sold for more than $5.99, I don’t feel I’m saving enough to warrant my buying the book used. You will sometimes run across books that are pricey even at a discount price. When that happens, you will need to decide if the purchase is worth it.
  • Never buy Writer’s Market or Literary Market Place books new. The listings in these books are so fluid (the information in these books change prior to publication) that I find it hard to justify the asking price for them.
  • A new Writer’s Market book cost $29.99 on Amazon.com; $8.97 used.
  • Literary Market Place cost $341.51 new on Amazon; $379.00 on Bookstore.com. Amazon.com – $20.48 in paperback; Kindle – $14.99 – all for the 2013 issue. You can even rent this book for $61.00.
  • I suggest you take a break from writing and go to your local library and use these books. Getting out of the house will do you good.

For my next update, I’ll explore how you can sell books in your personal library on the web. With the money you earn, you can purchase more used books.

Until next time  . . .

Happy Writing!

Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Author, Poet

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