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To those of you who give of your generous time to read my blogs and short stories, I want to introduce you to “Ruby for Women,” a Christian web magazine that includes short stories, poems, how-tos, recipes, arts and crafts, words of encouragement, biblical editorials, and other spiritual benefits to help us through our Christian journey.  The content is encouraging and uplifting.  The hard work put into the production of this web magazine is shown through its colorful artwork and professional display.  Last year “Ruby for Women” published my short story, “A Thanksgiving Tradition.”  The artwork added to its warmth and down-home feel.

Please visit http://rubyforwomen.com/ .  There is no “sign-in.”  You won’t be disappointed.  I am on their Blogger Team and there’s a good chance you might see stories I’ve written for this magazine that may not be published anywhere else.   If you decide to sign up, you will get a message when new issues are published.  I have a short story to be published in the fall issue entitled “Selfish Ambition.”  You can go to the summer issue of the magazine and read a synopsis of the story.  Look in the summer issue’s Table of Contents and look for “Selfish Ambition.”

“Ruby for Women” also posted my Christmas story, “A Change of Heart” in December 2013.  Please leave comments and let Ruby for Women know what subjects you would like writers to address.  We’d be happy to accommodate.


Donna B.  Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Author, Poet

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