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Trouble came today and I tried to stay
Focused on the Word, I even tried to pray
But nothing worked successfully and I’m in desperate need
Rescue me, take hold of me, give me what I seek.

I focused to the left, I scurried to the right
I sit a little while, but I can’t overcome this fight
I rock myself to sleep, hoping for relief
But I’m distressed, too much unrest, trouble’s in my reach.

With yesterday gone and its trouble lingering on
I begin to bear the day and think the worse is gone
But footsteps creep behind me, my feet won’t let me run
Trouble tromps again, tenfold, more than ever before.

Darkness is all I see, my shadow’s indistinct
How do I create a tighter link
When I cannot read, I cannot write, I can’t begin to think
I dig down deep, I raise my hands, but farther down I sink.

Rescue me, take hold of me, give in to my plea
Grant me peace of mind, overshadow what is weak
Sooth me with your song and lull me ‘til I sleep
Grant me peace, oooh God have mercy, hurry rescue me.

by Donna B. Comeaux
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Freelance Writer, Poet, Author
April 16, 2014
You have permission to use this poem ONLY if my name is accredited
and it is used in godly service to others. Thank you! God Bless!!!


  1. Lene davis says:


    That is all I csm say….that is just unbelievable….
    Your writing is just spot on…you see into so many hearts and lives. You ate loved…may God continue to richly bless you….always!!!!


  2. dcomeaux says:

    Ethelene, I’m glad and hope God continues to bless me in this endeavor. I’m having the time of my life!!! Thanks for spending time on my website. Spread the word for me. THANKS!!!


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