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No matter how hard I blow
Into the winter air
You are no longer by my side
Acting as my guide

I’m alone and petrified

Only my heart remembers you

I search for warmth
Between cold sheets
Alone in our bed

But nights haunt me
Dares me to sleep

Everything around me
Rekindles thoughts of you
Unworn shoes, neckties
A razor unremoved

I really shouldn’t
But can’t help it
I dream day and night

Of massive hands
Curly strands
Warm smiles and
Snappy styles

Woodsy balm
Clasped palms
A stubbled face, indeed

A rat-a-tat-tat
For home repairs
You always in the lead

Funny how I still see you
Rolled up tight
In our linen, me naked and
Snuggling in the night

I keep hoping any day now
You’ll come ‘round the bend
To kiss me, squeeze me, fondle me
Until I have no wind

I want to feel

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  1. Lene Davis says:

    Wow Donna, that’s good! An ode to your dear boyfriend Glenn! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing! Go get him girl.


  2. Jennie says:

    You still make my brain work. Good job!!!!!!!!!!


  3. CL Wells says:

    Beautiful and sad. Makes me want to go wake up my guy and squeeze him tight, but he’d get grouchy since he has to get up so early, lol.


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