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White Castle – A Note to My Devoted Followers

I am striving to produce a work of art worthy of your time.  I am fully aware you do not have to drop by and sip coffee with me as you read my novels.  I want you to know how very devoted I am to being an author you won’t hesitate to recommend to others, or if you ever see my name in print, you won’t hesitate to buy my books.Keeping that in mind, I‘m writing to make you aware that I have made extensive changes to “White Castle.”  White Castle is a novel I completed a few years back.  But after having paid someone to critique it, I am in the middle of rewrites.  The novel was said to be too long.  So I am making attempts to cut it in half.You might be asking “why post your novel on your website?”

By posting my book on my website, I am drawn into a commitment with you.  That drives me to finish the novel, stirs your interest in the novel, and spurs me to create and recreate the best writing I possibly can.  This is a bold move.  Not many authors would take such a chance.  However, I find it works for me.

I could not do this without you.  Knowing that you are taking the time to pay attention to anything I write, is so rewarding to me.

Thank you for investing your time.  I hope to prove worthy of it by placing in your hands a wonderful read.

So, grab your coffee, your tea, and pull up a chair.  Chapters 1-3 are now ready for you to get fully engrossed with Mrs. Melba Hammond Chaveaux, the heroine of White Castle – The Return Home.

God bless!

Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Author, Poet


  1. Did you ever read “Gone With the Wind” or “Grapes of Wrath”? Pretty long, huh? So why are you really cutting “White Castle” down? Is WC longer than any of Toni Morrison’s books?

    Just interested to know your real reason for the rewrite. I know you have other stories gnawing at you!


    • dcomeaux says:

      Patricia, thanks for asking about “White Castle.” In 2010 I had an editor read and critique the novel for clarity, consistency, etc. During that process, she found that I had too many characters that had issues unresolved. This isn’t as big a problem as it seems and the easiest way to solve the issue is to combine two of them; which I’m in the process of doing. The length of the book, I’m afraid, is of concern because people today are lazy readers. They don’t want to sit and devote too much time to reading. Though this is motivating me to cut the book down, it won’t be cut too much. The book is over 500 pages. I’m hoping to cut it to at least 400 pages when it’s all said and done. I think it’s a wonderful story about a woman falling in love with land her father left her. It also exposes how easy we walk away from the labor and toil our ancestors endured to acquire the very land we now easily toss away. So, the cuts are necessary, but not at the risk of losing the story. I’m on the verge of forfeiting all my writing projects to work on just this one. I haven’t made up my mind to do this yet. Come the first of the year I’ll have to weigh my options and see which direction I’ll go in. “White Castle” is one of those stories that won’t leave me alone. Years ago I sent it out to agents. They all say “no.” But I’ve learned that agents don’t always know what’s best. Forest Gump and Harry Potter and Danielle Steel proved them wrong. Danielle Steel got rejected hundreds of times before finally accepted. I plan to finish the re-write and self-publish this book. It’s amazing that you asked about “White Castle” as I just finished re-reading the first 10 chapters last week. Wish me luck.


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