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May Devotional – I AM WHAT I THINK

I don’t care what anyone tells you, there’s a special bond between a mother and her son.  I have been blessed with two of them.  And like any mother, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.  Don’t dare ask me how God gave up Jesus.  There isn’t a word in our vocabulary or an expression within our English language that will ever come close to describing the well-thought out plan God developed to save a bunch of disobedient scoundrels.  Then God had to endure watching his son die knowing full-well we’d fail him all over again. What love! Our son, Aris Joseph, phoned at a time I least expected and he left me with enough of God’s manna to feed on until I’m old and feeble.  In turn, I want to share this enlightening sermon with you and pray, like me, you will continue to feed off this until God sees fit to move you on to something more.  Graham Cooke is the speaker and he does so with clarity, humor, and a focus on the Father like none other.  It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such depth.  It moves me to be more like Christ.  It moves me to be a better mother.  Above all, it moves me to mimic God’s love. To change your way of thinking can be a daunting task.  For me, I must have an outlet.  That’s why I became a writer.  My mind is turning and twisting, scheming and planning, never ever sleeping.  I can sit down and write a romance novel with four subplots, include one too many in my family saga, and two damaging twists and turns in my crime novel and never get to the point of the story.  To get to the main point, I’d have to slow down and think logically.  Who wants to do that?  Especially about something much more important like our lives. When it comes to our souls, logic isn’t the answer.  God is!  For the life of me, I can’t get through one day without him.  He is my source of strength, my energy, my backbone, the quench for my thirst.  Pitfalls that come my way can’t be worked through logic.  They must be surrendered to God, and I must understand that if I’m in Christ then Christ has a plan already worked out for my problem. Graham Cooke explains this so well in his sermon. I have attached the link below.  It is not a video, but an audio and well worth your time.  It lasts for approximately 54 minutes. My son, Aris Joseph, blessed me beyond measure when he shared this with me today.  I hope, in turn, I have blessed you, too. May the bond and love between you and God tighten and become unbreakable.  Enjoy the sermon.  Know this:  I am what I think.  Think another thought, a better thought, a godly thought, if the last thought is leading you into destruction.

You can find more of Graham Cooke’s sermons on Youtube. Donna B. Comeaux Freelance Writer, Poet, Author

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