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The Fall of Man – Will Women Replace Our Fallen Politicians?

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Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Poet, Author

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Another Government Shutdown – Misbehaving Politicians

A storm is brewing in Washington.

U.S. Capitol Building

          Our political and economic climate in America is volatile.  CNN correspondents are snippy.  Politicians are defensive.  Common folks are mad.  Military families are scared.  Veterans are disgusted.  And those who depend on federal aid because of disabilities are nervous. 

          If politicians intended to scare the American people, they have succeeded.  Politicians may not, however, have accounted for the height of anger of the American people.  When the debt ceiling issues surface soon, do our politicians really think they will be able to hold us hostage again?  Do they think scare tactics will work, yet again?  Remember “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” by Aesop?  You can’t believe a liar, even when he finally tells the truth.  In time, that’s where this political tactic is headed.  As a result, people will take to the streets and act out their frustrations.  And I don’t suspect this will be a pretty sight. 

          When our leaders entangle us in their personal vendetta against the President of the United States, they become enslaved by their hatred.  The more they are exposed, the harder they fight.  Pride sets in.  No matter what your political views, We the people are trapped in the feud and forced to care about the outcome of the brawl.  The feud divides us.  And what happens to a divided nation?  They fall!  Always! 

          If and when our nation falls, who will capture us?  This is such a scary thought.  It makes me nervous to even write about it.  I hate to speculate.  But given our dire circumstances and what they represent, it’s hard not to think about it.  Right now America is asleep at the wheel.  None of us can be assured with any certainty that the politicians’ attitude toward our President of the United States will not affect the government’s ability to protect its people.  This feud is so much more than Republicans vs. Democrats. 

          Politicians think this is about them.  It’s not.  It’s about We the people.  This is about the simplicities of life:  should I pay the light bill, or buy bread; should I put $10 worth of gas in my truck, or pay my co-worker the $5 I owe him; should I pay my child’s lunch account at school, or should I make him a peanut butter sandwich.  Oh, I forgot, I don’t have peanut butter. 

Global Initiative

           As you and I sit here in frustration, I’m appalled that each and every representative is still getting paid.  It doesn’t seem fair.  Fairness seems a foreign word in our society.  Respect is nearly nonexistent. 

          Every American will remember each and every day of this debacle.  I don’t care how the politicians across these United States of America redraw the voting districts, people will crawl, bus, walk, and hitchhike to the polls and make their voices heard loud and clear.  I have never been politically active, but as the next election nears, I will write every single chance I get and urge people to the polls.  It is our God-given right to take care of our nation, even if the politicians won’t.  It is our right to tell, guide, and urge those we put in office to govern our country with care.  We are the free world.  But if we aren’t careful, we can become captive to another nation, even a nation of politicians, and lose our freedom. 

          This is no longer about Republicans vs. Democrats.  This is about selfishness.  When politicians take to the podium and say “my constituents,” I lose my hearing.  We are being fed half-truths.  No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, this entire feud is disingenuous.  No one party is right.  No one party is completely wrong.  At this stalemate, common sense tells all of us that a compromise must be reached.  Instead, politicians are exposed for what they really are:  a host of children arguing on the playground, each blaming the other. 

          It’s hard not to wake up every morning and not wonder what state our economy is in.  Since 2003, we as a country have battled against rising oil prices, lack of job opportunities, a variety of discriminations, and nagging wars we wish had never begun.  We lacked the energy to make the phone calls to our state representatives and complain about the growing discord in Washington.  For too long, We the people thought, in time, our government would come to their senses and get on with the business of governing.  Ten years later, we find that our country is worse today than in 2003. 

Obama Studying Over Papers

          Have we forgotten that We the people are the ones who decide how our country should be governed?  Let us not forget we are a free society and we get to go to the polls and vote representatives in or out of office.  If we deem necessary, we can vote some of these politicians out of office today.  We don’t have to wait until the next election.  But maybe the fire isn’t hot enough.  Maybe we aren’t mad enough.  Maybe we are holding onto false hope. 

          Whatever We the people decide to do, we must collectively posture ourselves to keep the best interest of our country close to our heart.  We must cherish our freedom, but not forget to use it to protect it.  We must look throughout our land in search for men and women who are proven leaders.  Our military deserves our voice.  Your children deserve your voice.  No matter what your political views, SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT! 

Telephone Caller #1     

     I have never spoken out politically, but the height of my frustration is such that I had to.  As a result of my need to voice my concerns, I reached out to Rep. Jim Bridenstine.  Below is an e-mail in its entirety that I sent to Rep. Bridenstine. 

Telephone Caller #2

          I encourage each of you, no matter what your political views, to Speak Out!  And remember this debacle during the next election!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
This is my e-mail to Rep. Jim Bridenstine – 1st District – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Out of my disgust for the political climate in Washington, this is what I wrote, word-for-word, to Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma:    

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, the political feud in Washington needs to end.  I am weary over politicians’ need to “blame” each other.  I am appalled that incivility has replaced reasonableness.  If the politicians, both Democratic and Republicans, think that the people of this great United States will sit back and take this on the chin, they have underestimated us.  No matter how politicians choose to rezone voting districts across America, voters will walk, crawl, bus, drive, and hitchhike to vote to replace each of you.  The livelihood of Americans is being auctioned off because prideful men won’t take their defeat of the Affordable Health Care Act on the chin.  We need our politicians to swallow their pride and get on with the business of governing.  We the people don’t care who started all this.  WE DON’T CARE if you don’t like the Affordable Health Care Act.  WE DON’T CARE if you “hate” President Obama.  We all know of your “hate” for him.  Believe me, we get it.  Your “hate” or dislike for the President and his policies has sabotaged politicians’ common sense. 

I do not wish to engage in a debate with you or hear your political views.  I’d rather you get to the House/Senate floor and vote for resolutions to our American dilemma.  We the people know exactly how you and all other politicians feel.  What we want is action.  Do something.  What the American politicians are doing now isn’t working.  Do something different.  Compromise.  Fight fair.  Don’t hold the American people hostage because you don’t like President Obama or the now “legal” Affordable Health Care Act. 

Every one of you needs to swallow your pride and move on.  You have a country to run.  Work together. 

If you respond to me with political jargon, I won’t read it.  I’ll delete it.  I hear it on CNN every hour of the day.  I’m tired of it.  I’m frustrated.  We the people want our political representatives to act like adults and compromise.  You won’t get everything you want.  Neither will we.  No one ever does.  We all learn this in our adolescent years.  We’re past that now. 

Get the working class back to work.  Stop hurting the American people.  If our American politicians insist on fighting this out, then I suggest all of you give up your paychecks until a resolution is reached.  Rep. Mullins gave up his paycheck.  Federal workers and the armed forces have given up their paychecks.  Give up yours!

I’m disgusted and fed up.  Resolve your issues.  Care more about the American people than your pride and your hate for President Obama. 

I have never in my life written a political representative.  I hope to never have a reason to write again.

Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Poet, Author

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