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June Devotional – VOTE!

Okay. My June devotional is late. I know. I could list a host of excuses for such tardiness, but I won’t. It won’t change the fact that I’m still late getting it out. And is this a devotional entitled “Vote?” Yes. It’s not that I couldn’t come up with anything else to write about. Rather, over the years I’ve noticed how we Americans are a little slack about getting out to vote during mid-terms. And I’ve got a feeling these mid-terms will prove very important in years to come.

See, if you and I don’t get out to vote, our civil liberties and religious freedoms will suffer. Why? Because I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that while the many voices on Capitol Hill are loud and boisterous as they bicker among one another, someone somewhere out there is changing laws under the radar screen. Okay, I admit that I’m being a little paranoid here. More importantly, another terrorist group is conniving a way to penetrate the borders of these United States so they can wreak havoc on our nation. That’s providing we don’t kill each other first. We seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Young men are raging through schools with the fire power of a militant army just for a body count. And let’s not ignore our economic issues. Politicians are afraid to touch the wage increase issue. DHS is underfunded and overworked. The VA debacle is disgusting! Okay, here goes my rant. I’m from a military family, so cut me some slack here. How dare we ask our men and women to put their lives on the line and we not take care of them when they return from battle! How dare we! And for what? So some already overpaid executive can get another raise and another promotion. I say revoke all of those raises and send those suit-wearing males and females back home without so much as a retirement pension. Inhale, Donna. Exhale, slowly. Pulse check. Okay, I think my blood pressure is under control now.

We also have an immigration problem. Texas, Mexico, Arizona, and California don’t have enough manpower to patrol and secure the borders. What are our politicians thinking with? The seat of their pants? They are so focused on defying President Obama that they won’t sit at the table long enough to get anything done. Who am I fooling here? They won’t even enter the room. And what were they thinking during that mock rendition of “We Shall Overcome?” McConnell looked defiant. Boehner looked angry. And neither of their lips moved a millimeter. Did they know the words to the song? Aaah, that’s it. They hadn’t heard that song before. Oh. Oh. Oh. I know–they were humming. That’s it. Really? Are you kidding me? These men act like children in a fitful rage. I hope no one is taping any secret conversations. I want to pull my hair out just thinking about what they might be saying behind closed doors. I think my blood pressure just went up again. Breathe, Donna, breathe. Okay, let’s not go there.

It’s sad, but you and I are caught in the middle of this crossroad. I feel like Rodney King: “Can’t we all get along?” Okay, I’m using that quote too loosely.

Here is a known fact: You and I can chastise Washington and get them to behave. I know it sounds unlikely, but it’s true. How? By realizing that the power lies in OUR hands! Not theirs. Vote in and out of office all those who are not getting their work done. I don’t give two figs what political party you represent. I’m Democrat, but not a loyal one. I’ll change my party at the drop of a hat if I think for one moment a Republican is a better candidate. I don’t believe in party loyalty. I believe GOD CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS!!!! And I believe in AMERICA! If you can get the job done and you’re listed as a CONSERVATIVE or INDEPENDENT, then court my vote. I’m game. Why? Because I believe in change where it’s needed. What I no longer believe in is you and I sitting back and doing nothing. That’s downright scary. You and I voted them in and we can vote them out! It’s just that simple!!!

I encourage you to please think about the upcoming mid-terms. Choose your party. Change your party. Whatever you do, VOTE! Use the absentee voting option if you have to. Please don’t allow others to make decisions for you. Pressure our American representatives to do what we pay them to do. Make them not only address the issues but also DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM. Think on this: If you and I were to flood our representatives’ phone lines or appear on the steps to Capitol Hill often enough, then maybe some of those suit-wearing highly educated reps wouldn’t be available for all those CNN interviews to spit their “nothingness” in our faces.

So, while on your yacht soaking in the sun this Fourth of July, think RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! Take time to access the internet and scale your fingers across that keyboard and research those politicians. Make the candidate of your choice, one who best represents your views and start planning to vote in the upcoming mid-terms. Here’s a challenge. Keep up with those bad boys and how they vote. It’s baseball season, so keep a scorecard. If your representative isn’t hitting the ball out the park, send in a pinch hitter. The minute you see them spending more time in contentious behavior and not enough time accomplishing YOUR goals, send a warning. No second chances. On their next misstep, recall your vote!

A bit radical?

You bet.

It’s time for change!

That’s my two-cents worth. If you can stand it, read more of my political editorials at:


Donna B. Comeaux is a freelance writer, novelist, essayist, and poet.

NOTE: I have a short story that will be published for an online magazine this fall. Please see Rubyforwomen.com for details.

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