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Forget Me Not by Jacqueline Falcomer

I have another book I’m recommending:  Forget Me Not by Jacqueline Falcomer.  I am beginning this read tonight.  If you read it, please let me know what you think.  Jacqueline is a part of my critique group and I’ve critiqued and read some of her work.  I’m fascinated by her work.  If you get a chance, please download a copy of this book.  It’s $8.99.  Please leave Jacqueline comments when you finish reading it.  It encourages writers when you leave them word that you enjoyed their book or not.  Enjoy.


Ella Wood by Michelle Isenhoff

This novel is on my reading list.  When you have time, please check it out.  I found it on IndieCleanReads.com.


The Nose Snubbing Club


Use Your Gifts to Serve Others


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