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January 2022 – May 2022

An Introduction

It’s been two long years. Too much death. Too much confusion. Too much heartache. Too many outside noises disrupting my spiritual peace. 

I want a new beginning. For that to happen, I must get rid of my god-complex. 

You see … 

I’m a deep thinker. I don’t take things lightly. Don’t know how. I’m serious most of the time. Sensitive. Always problem-solving. Always gathering information from what’s going on around me. Proactive most of the time. If I miss something, as I often do, it’s because I’m focused on a perplexing issue I must get under control. (OUCH! There it is! That god-complex again. We’ll discuss this later.) Needless to say, I like puzzles–piecing unfamiliar things together as if I’m smart enough to see the whole picture. I also love wearing four different hats at once. BUSY.Busy.busy is the name of the game, right? I enjoy finishing your sentences—even if I do so inside my head. But I like surprises. Love giving. 

Am I saint? 



Because God constantly cleanses me from my sins and purges me from my egotistical attitude … humbling me … warning me that he’s the one who planned out my salvation … not the other way around. He tells me through his Word — I AM. NOT. HIM. 

I’m not, you know. 

There’s only one God. 

And I’m not him. 

Like Eve, I want to be. I want to be one step ahead. I want knowledge. To be “in the know.” I want to scold and manipulate and correct and encourage to the nth degree so people will do what’s right. Did you catch that narcissistic need to control? I wear myself out trying to be what I’m not—perfect. I know I can never do enough … that my works won’t get me near the heavenly gates. I’m in a terrible predicament. I want to save the world, but sometimes find myself bumping into walls and unable to find a way out. 

I thought I knew it all. I thought I was GOoD. I never used that exact language, but the end result to my pathetic and vigorous struggle speaks louder than words. (If you don’t believe me, count the number of times I’ve used “I” in this blog.) 

Recognize my dilemma? Flesh v. Spirit

Why does everything need to center around me?

Why can’t I be more like Christ? To serve rather than be served?

It’s a battle, isn’t it? Flesh v. Spirit.

We all fight it. 

How did this fierce war for our souls begin? 

It first occurred in the garden … initiated by the serpent … the evil one. 

How do we win the war? 



GET EQUIPPED for it. Put on spiritual armor and prepare for war.

We don’t sit in a corner and pretend we are not in the fight for our spiritual lives. We don’t cry day in and day out and do nothing. We don’t wave our hands in despair, as if we have no hope. 


We prepare for battle, STAND OUR GROUND, and FIGHT. 

But how?*** 

  1. Know the scriptures one chapter at a time. 
  2. Surround yourselves with god-fearing people. 
  3. Know your weaknesses because the enemy sure knows them. 
  4. Pray without ceasing. 
  5. Obey. OBEY. OBEY. Scriptures were not written for entertainment. They were written to reconcile you to God and encourage you to stay in the fight. 

Beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2022, we will study WOMEN OF THE BIBLE here on my blog.

This study is a repeated lecture from our Ladies’ Wednesday Morning Bible Class which I will co-teach every two weeks through May 4th

I will pull back the curtain and help you imagine standing in the middle of the ancient world to experience what these women went through. By doing this, you will quickly discover they were no different than you and me. Their lives will provide more encouragement than you ever imagined. I will dig deep and ask thought-provoking questions in hopes of getting you to self-reflect—to take inventory of your spiritual walk with the Lord and seek his guidance to get closer to him. 

Prepare your hearts and minds by reading scriptures on the following seven women:  

January 19th      Eve   

February 2nd      Leah

February 16th    Abigail

March 2nd         Gomer (through Hosea’s eyes)

March 23rd       Mary, Mother of Jesus

April 6th            Anna (the prophetess) 

April 20th          Woman at the Well

May 4th             Summary of what we’ve learned

At the end of this written lecture, there will be a section for comments. Feel free to express your likes and dislikes about the lecture. I will use the information as a learning tool to improve my lectures.

More than ever, we are in for the fight of our spiritual lives. Time is growing short for the evil one and he’s desperate to snatch us from God the Father. At the very least, he’s determined to make us miserable (diseases, heartache, disappointment). 



“… If God is for us, who can stand against us?” (Romans 8:31) 

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14)

Together, we will encourage each other to stay in the fight. 

After all, in the end, we know who wins!!


by Donna B. Comeaux

one of many women who love the Lord our God

December 30, 2021

***More details will be given in the first lesson to help equip you for this spiritual battle for our souls. 

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