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Poverty – The Stirrings of Gordon Parks’ Work of Art

Gordor Parks - Photographer Gordon Parks - Younger

Gordon Parks was our first African-American Film Director.  He directed Shaft in 1971.  In 1969 he wrote The Learning Tree, his autobiography, which he transformed into a movie.  He also composed music, and was a civil rights activist.  Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks was 93 when he died on March 7, 2006.

Gordon Parks - Director Gordon Parks - Aged

Please visit http://ezinearticles.com/?Poverty—The-Stirrings-of-Gordon-Parks-Work-of-Art&id=8039797 to see my latest article entitled “Poverty – The Stirrings of Gordon Parks’ Work of Art.” Below the article is a link to Gordon Parks’ black and white photographs he created for Life Magazine many years ago.  These black and white photographs will make the discomforts of our lives seem frivolous.

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