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Journalist Austin Tice: Still Missing After Being Kidnapped Two Years Ago

I’ve reblogged this to call our attention to our men and women who work tirelessly in the art of journalism so you and I can soak up news stories every single day of the week. From much of their stories comes our stories . . . those stories you and I make up every single day so we can hits our blogs. Now that one of our own has recently been beheaded, their tireless work is at the forefront and so are their lives. Let’s stand up and pay attention. Evil is spreading throughout our world. And we need to stand up and care enough to save those in its wait.


Syria is the most dangerous place in the world for journalists. In the last three years at least 60 of them have been killed while covering the conflict there, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Missing from the statistics is anything about the kind of journalist who goes to Syria and why. After the death of Marie Colvin, in a blizzard of Syrian Army shells in Homs in February 2012, much of the Western media drew back from covering the country. Meanwhile, a lightly resourced, laughably paid, almost wholly uninsured cadre of freelancers, often armed with little more than a notebook and a mobile phone, infiltrated Syria anyway. A few were crazy narcissists or war-zone tourists, but most were serious reporters. Four-fifths of all journalists working in Syria, according to one estimate, are freelance and answering to no one but themselves.

Austin Tice was one of these. So was…

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