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September Devotional – Judgment is Self-Serving

How often have we judged one another during the course of one day? I dare not count. Just thinking about the time I’ve spent forming opinions and drawing conclusions about people I know nothing about is enough to make me hide under a rock.

It’s worth taking the time to read this article by Lysa TerKeurst. http://lysaterkeurst.com/2013/02/lets-just-call-it-what-it-is/ This article leaves you bare, completely naked. As I read it, I kept looking for her to drop a name, a particular incident, all so that I could find fault in the bad person that stirred her to write the article. I soon found that person was me. I wanted to grab hold of a blanket and hide. To maybe lock myself in a closet and not come out until every prayer over my judgmental behavior had been exorcised by God.

After you read it, think of no one but yourself. Don’t dare point fingers. Don’t dare try to mend your ways. You have no power. Or control. Neither do I. Instead, as you cringe at what you’ve done and are still doing, pause and pray. Ask God for his guidance and to please show you and me the way out of this deep dark tunnel we’ve created for ourselves. Ask God to help you and me love one another as we love ourselves, if not more. I crave for a day when I can look at another human being without filling my mind with judgmental attitudes. I want to love beyond words. To caress the rich and famous without envy. To love the homeless without holding my breath. To wrap kindness around those who are tired and afraid. And to feel the freedom this love brings without guilt, second thoughts, or without being drawn away by people’s pedigree or the pigment of their skin.

This is my prayer: “Oh God, hide me in the shelter of your wing. Separate my darkness as far as the east is from the west. Replace my judgmental attitude with fervent pleas for your help and guidance. Refresh my spirit and fill my soul with your love. Equip me with all that I need so that I may act and speak as you would have me to. Rid me of all hate and anger and malice. Create in me, oh God, a pure heart. For I am your servant and I want to do your will and not fulfill my own. Grant me peace. Fill me with contentment. Stamp out all desires to join the world in a flutter of activity that leads to exhaustion. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

As we continue through this journey called “life,” let’s remember that no matter where we are across the globe, we are all woven tightly together, hand-in-hand. What we do to each other, how we treat each other, how we talk to one another really does matter. Each of us sends off a chain reaction by the way we live our lives. So, let’s love one another. Let’s live in peace. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18)

God bless!

Donna B. Comeaux
Freelance Writer, Poet, Author


  1. Lene davis says:

    Donna…excellent…. I did not realize how critical and judgemental …angry..I was…till I got in Celebrate Recovery. What a joy…and pain…this lifetime journey will be. Thanks so much for sharing your writings. Grateful and thankful for you. Journey on!!!


    • dcomeaux says:

      I pray we all grow and make it through this journey of life. We’ll never get it completely right. But that’s why we have Christ. He’s paid the price to keep us clean. To God be the glory! Amen.


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