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Blacks Missing From the History Books and the Big Screen

As I delved into history in search of little treasures, I stumbled across a neat write-up about the role Africans played in England.  You don’t see much of this and I find it fascinating!  I’m convinced more and more each day that we are all cut from the same piece of fabric. Our different cultures are a little bit twisted, but we’re basically the same. Okay, maybe I’m narrow-minded.

Guess I’ve ranted enough.  Here are two of many websites that stirred my interest and got my historical juices flowing.



Enjoy it.  Hate it.  Or leave it.  Up to you. I just had to share this. Maybe my real intent is to reach those of you who have young children and encourage you to not waste the years. Become a history buff then pass that enthusiasm on to your children. Go beyond the history books. Stretch and challenge yourself. Challenge your children. Learning is exciting.

White, Black, Brown or Green, I looove history.

Donna B. Comeaux
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