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Writing Tips – Describing Facial Expressions – No. 7

I have been stumped a number of times when trying to describe facial expressions.  After reading a number of indie novels, I’ve come to realize many of us have a time tackling this issue.

In my search for the right word, I came across a neat site.  I love it when I find sites that don’t give long explanations you and I don’t need.  Below is such a site.


Happy Writing!

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  1. Vintage Mama says:

    Donna – did you see the great comment on the Ruby blog about Selfish Ambition??? We are promoting and sending our readers back to the blog to read it and I am hopeful that with renewed promotion we will get more feed back. I’m also posting your piece about prayer on the Ruby blog tomorrow, so be sure to let your readers know! Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby for Women


    • dcomeaux says:

      I saw the comments. Thanks, Nina, for all that you do! Thanks for promoting the book once again. I’m doing the same on this end . . . sent out personal notices through my Facebook page to the Ruby for Women website.


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