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Change YOUR World. Be Motivated.

After hearing this speech, ask yourself this:  How will you change the world? After all, that’s what motivated people do, right?

Donna B. Comeaux
August 30, 2017


  1. freddie veltz iii says:

    From CNN: AS OF 45 minutes ago. Mandatory evacuations for Richmond Texas. ________________________________


    • dcomeaux says:

      I’ll call our brother tonight to get an update. I know they are at work right now.

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  2. lene davis says:

    Hey sweet lady, how awesome was that video. Made me think of my military days and fortitude …discipline…stick-to-it ness (is that a word)…..just gutting it out…and hope. Grateful and thankful my hope, faith, love and trust is in Jesus. Thanks for all you do…Continue the journey…live the dream.. don’t stop believing..go light up your world!


    • dcomeaux says:

      My dear sister, it’s because you allowed God to use you, open your mouth many years ago and encourage me, push me that I am lighting up my world . . . all of the world through my writing. Praise God Almighty for your faithfulness and obedience. Amen. I love you!


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