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Fighting That Six-Inch War – The Long Grey Line

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View of West Point from across the Hudson River

Chris Pestel is a 2003 graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has become a storyteller and photographer. One of the pieces he recently wrote is entitled “To Fight & Die For That Inch.” In his writings, Chris reveals the true meaning behind the fight for an inch of turf. I could spell it out for you here, reveal the essence of it all, and, no doubt, you’d probably guess the truth Chris so poignantly reveals. But what you don’t know are the people behind this truth. You don’t know their struggles. You don’t know how important it is to win their game of tug and war. You don’t know the pain of so many losses . . . on a public field of play .  .  . or their fight to keep their heads high in the midst of defeat. You don’t know the depth of responsibility placed on their shoulders. You haven’t seen their faces or felt their pain.
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Picture of 2003 Army Football Players on Graduation Day

Here is your chance.

If you’ll indulge in this pictorial and narrative account of a team’s fight for perseverance, you’ll begin to clearly see the truth you may already know. That life can’t be measured by mere wins and losses. Life involves more .  .  . Well, why don’t you let Chris Pestel tell you what life is really about by clicking or pasting this link in your browser: https://medium.com/@chrisWpestel/to-fight-die-for-that-inch-1284c1e25d88

After reading this and gazing at these amazing photographs, can you really come up with a valid excuse “not” to finish your task at hand?  I can’t.  These pictures leave no room for me to have a tantrum and throw in the towel.  No one has ever asked me to place myself on the Long Grey Line and play a six-inch war game on a public stage.  All in the face of a losing season year after year.  On top of all that, I find it appalling that anyone would expect me to remain silent and loyal when asked to put on a recognizable uniform and walk among millions, proud.  And if that isn’t enough: “While you’re at it soldier, strap on a gun and headgear and march to the front line.”

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2003 Corps of Cadets

Makes me think twice about throwing another pity party.  After reading this, I’d rather strap on another breatplate of determination and press toward my goals.  My weapons of choice? God and a positive attitude.

Tell me something–are you ready to gear up and fight failure?  I am.  Let’s get after it! Today! No more procrastination.

See you at the end of the fight. If I get there before you, I’ll ready the celebration banquet and save a place for you.

I see balloons flying overhead.  2015 is already starting out to be a prosperous year.  We’ve got plenty of reasons for an early celebration.  I’m expecting a victory!!


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